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These games are available to play for free all day, both days — thanks to Unlimited Video Games.

Video Game Tournament

Prizes include free tickets to other conventions like St. Pete Comic Con 2024 as well as gift cards at Unlimited Video Games. And winners get cool trophies!

Meet the Voices of Your Favorite Characters


Voices from Paladins, Borderlands, Apex Legends, My Hero Academia: One’s Justice 2

Provided by Unlimited Video Games

Unlimited Video Games is a local video game store that provides the video games for Holiday Cosplay Tampa BAY 2023. And con attendees can enjoy all of the games for free. Also, Unlimited Video Games will be running the tournament.

 The video game superstore, located in Pinellas Park, carries a wide range of games from old-school Atari to Modern PlayStation 5. Also, Unlimited Video Games is the largest independent retro video game store in the nation.  

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