Voice actor Aaron Roberts known for Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, Black Clover will be at Holiday Cosplay Tampa Bay 2023

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Aaron Roberts is a talented voice actor known for his contributions to the world of anime and video games. With a distinct vocal range and an ability to bring characters to life, Roberts has garnered recognition and a dedicated fan base. Roberts’ performances showcase his versatility and dedication to his craft, as he effortlessly transitions between comedic, dramatic, and action-packed roles. His ability to capture the essence of a character and convey their emotions has made him a sought-after talent in the industry, leaving a lasting impact on the characters he portrays.

Holiday Cosplay Tampa Bay 2023 welcomes Aaron Roberts with our 5 favorite characters he voices in shows like Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Dragon Ball Super, and Fairy Tail

#1: uta in tokyo ghoul

Uta is a fascinating and enigmatic character in the anime and manga series “Tokyo Ghoul.” As a skilled and talented tattoo artist, Uta is also a member of the ghoul organization known as “Anteiku.” He is known for his distinctive appearance, characterized by a wide grin and intricate facial tattoos. Uta exudes an air of mystery and unpredictability, often leaving those around him unsure of his true intentions.

What makes Uta particularly intriguing is his ambiguous nature and complex personality. He possesses a mischievous and carefree demeanor, often maintaining a cheerful and lighthearted attitude. However, beneath this seemingly carefree exterior lies a shrewd and perceptive individual who understands the darkness that permeates the world of ghouls. Uta’s true nature and allegiances remain shrouded in mystery, leading to speculation and intrigue among fans. His involvement with the protagonist, Ken Kaneki, and the various factions within the series adds layers of complexity to his character, making him a compelling and memorable figure in the Tokyo Ghoul universe.

#2: kamui (aka shinya kamihara) in my hero academia

Kamui Woods, also known as Shinya Kamihara, is a pro hero in the popular anime and manga series “My Hero Academia.” With his distinctive wooden appearance and a strong sense of justice, Kamui Woods is a highly respected hero within the series. His Quirk, “Arbor,” allows him to manipulate the wood-like material that comprises his body, granting him the ability to stretch and manipulate his limbs at will. This makes him a versatile combatant who can restrain enemies and create defensive barriers.

Kamui Woods is often seen working closely with other pro heroes and serving as a mentor to aspiring heroes-in-training. Despite his stern and serious demeanor, Kamui Woods has a strong sense of responsibility and compassion for the safety and well-being of others. He takes his role as a hero seriously and strives to protect and serve society to the best of his abilities. Kamui Woods’ commitment to justice and his skilled combat techniques make him a valuable asset in the world of “My Hero Academia,” earning him the respect of both his peers and fans of the series.

#3: klaus in black clover

Klaus Lunettes is a significant character in the manga and anime series “Black Clover.” He is a nobleman from the Clover Kingdom and a member of the elite Golden Dawn squad, known for their exceptional magical abilities. Klaus is often portrayed as cold and stoic, initially harboring a disdainful attitude towards the protagonist, Asta, due to his commoner background. However, as the series progresses, Klaus undergoes significant character development.

Over time, Klaus begins to recognize Asta’s unwavering determination and noble qualities, eventually developing a deep respect for him. He learns to set aside his prejudice and works alongside Asta and the other members of the Black Bulls to defend the Clover Kingdom against various threats. As a skilled magic knight, Klaus possesses the Light Magic attribute, allowing him to manipulate light for both offensive and defensive purposes. His tactical thinking and precise control over his magic make him a valuable asset in battles. Klaus’s growth as a character, from a rigid and judgmental noble to a trusted ally and friend, adds depth and complexity to the narrative of “Black Clover,” captivating audiences with his transformation and unwavering dedication to the kingdom’s cause.

#4: Khai in dragon ball super

Khai, a character in Dragon Ball Super, is friendly and has a strong sense of justice that values life. He is kindhearted and takes everything positively.  He can also be arrogant towards others, such as refusing to acknowledge Shin greeting him when the Grand Minister brought all surviving Angels, Gods of Destruction, Supreme Kais, and combatants of the Tournament of Power together on the bleachers.

At the same time, he is not above being opportunistic. To which, he is shown to be very methodical and problematic. He handles most situations with unceasing composure.

#5: samuel in fairy tail

Samuel is a calm and patient individual in Fairy Tail. He is highly intelligent and believes that any situation has a cause and effect. With the help of his glasses, he is able to read any content at a faster rate and can fully memorize what he has read. Aside from being intelligent, he is also arrogant, underestimating Fairy Tail members for their lack of carefulness and usage of sentences. Samuel likes to receive data and make calculations. As to what happens when his calculations are amiss, Samuel becomes hysterical and his sophisticated actions turn to a more confused, and naive manner.

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